Monday, November 17, 2014

12 Lords A'Leaping!

A holiday gift for you!

A blog hop featuring great prizes and medieval heroes because...medieval heroes!

The winner of a copy of DEFIANT goes to MsAwesome!  Yay, and please email me so I can send you the ebook!  

I'm happy to be part of this blog hop because:
  1. The prize is terrific and quite different from the usual--a calendar featuring different heroes from our medieval romances each month;
  2. It forces me back to the blog to say hi to you, because, yes, I know, it's been awhile, and;
  3. Medieval heroes!

The hero from my books who's featured in the hop (and the calendar!) is Jamie Lost from Defiant

Who remembers Jamie?? 

He's one of my favorite heroes, properly tortured in all the best ways. He's a ruthless, focused knight who serves King John and will do just about anything to just about anyone.  Not much bothers him, and nothing much gets in his way.  Until he meets the small, immovable object of Eva.

She thwarts him, upends him, and reduces his best laid plans to naught time and time again, until he finally simply hunts her down and ties her up to get her out of his way.  

But Eva knows more than she's letting on, and Jamie's smart enough to know it. 

Forced into an uneasy alliance, they join forces.  As civil war erupts around them, they embark on an epic journey that reveals no one is what they seem, and that everyone has something to hide.  Soon, their simmering passion erupts, leaving not only their fates, but the fate of England itself, in the balance. 

See?  She's perfect for him!

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Visit all the authors' sites to find out about some great heroes and a chance to win prizes.  

The other fab medieval authors in the hop are:

1) Elizabeth Rose
2) Laurel O’Donnell
3) Kathryn Le Veque             
4) Tanya Anne Crosby
5) Anna Markland                        

6) Elysa Hendricks
7) Suzan Tisdale 

8) Amy Jarecki
9) Eliza Knight 

10) Denise Domning
11) Kris Kennedy (you're already here, lucky you)                

12) Lana Williams  

And to add to the fun...
I'm giving away a copy of Defiant to one US or Canadian commenter!  Just let me know this:
Who's your favorite all-time historical romance hero?

(And I do apologize that I have to limit it to US/Canada--postage outside this area is so steep.)

Details of the hop: