Thursday, October 18, 2012

PDQ: Pushing Them Into It

Note to Self: I am writing a novella.  A super-sexy novella.

Repeat, I am writing a novella.  A super-sexy novella.

This requires The Sexy to get rolling pretty darn quick.  PDQ.  And I'm surprised by how challenging this has been.

I love writing about passion and desire.  From flirtation to consummation, and every permutation in between, I love it all.  My stories pivot on electric sensual tension, which often means denied sensual attraction and the slow build of irresistible forces.

Partly that's because the time period demands restraint, or a solid explanation for exceptions.  Also, my heroes and heroines tend to be, um, let's say "so fiercely at odds that it sometimes involves ropes" and be done with it.

But mostly the restraint is there because it takes time to build the respect / affection / psychological attraction that are essential to truly scorching physical attraction.

And yet, I am committed to a super-sexy novella.  Time is not my friend.

Something's gotta give.

It's the slow build.  :)

So today, I am going to strip away much of the the oh-so-pretty words and the elegant set-ups and push my hero and heroine into It.  Or darn close to It.  PDQ. 

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait, Kris, to read your "super-sexy novella" Such a beautiful cover! you are a great writer, so it will be wonderful to read!
Nicole Laverdure
Mirabel Quebec