Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Unnecessary Research

I have way too much unnecessary research going on.  And I love it.  Sadly.

I'm working on a couple contemporary novellas, which are a blast, but somehow, I keep finding myself on websites for medieval spice trade, or with a book open that discusses smuggling in the 17th century.

These are not useful research topics for a contemporary story, not unless a character in the books happens to be studying the spice trade or the history of smuggling.  Which my hero and heroine are not.  Although. . . .

Today, I've been researching Elizabethan inventions.   Right?  What am I doing, you ask, wasting precious writing time researching topics for a story I'm not even actively working on right now?  What is wrong with me??

Sadly, I'll know what's wrong with me--I love this stuff.  :)

Stoneware bottle 1830s-1840
Did you know bottled beer was already used by the late 16th century?  They even used expensive glass to do so, although stoneware was also used, and of course, got better and better at the craft.   By the early 1600's century, the practice of bottling beer was already well-established, and the debate was on: which is better, bottled beer of beer from a keg?

Me, I'll drink it all.  

Replica of German pocket watch, 1580
Also, pocket watches.  Need I say more?  Okay, I will.

Sweet, gorgeous, etched and carved pocket watches--with alarms!  The hero in CLAIMING HER so has a pocket watch, and impresses the heroine with it. 

Katarina has been stuck out in her lonely castle beyond The Pale, and did not expect this barbaric Irishman to upend her world, to bring her etched silver and bottles of beer and news from men he called friends, who spoke of reflecting glasses that could see miles away, and the terrifying, exciting notion that God's stars are not fixed in the sky.

So, I guess this is why I waste my time.  Because it lights my fire.

Which maybe doesn't count as wasted time after all.  

Do you have interests that make you "waste your time"?  Spill!

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Anonymous said...

Kris, Yes, sometimes I don't know if I'm wasting my time. Let me explain! I love arts & crafts and I love creating some pieces that I don't even know if my friends will like them. Presently, I'm creation some beautiful bookmarks with ribblons, pearls and beads to keep me busy! I love creating but I feel it's rewarding to me if only one person say they like it. If you do, I'll send you two for your books. For me creating makes me feel good, so maybe it's the same way with you. I love those old pocket watch. I love your blog.Nicole said...

Nicole~ That's exactly the sort of thing I'm talking about! The stuff we feel moved to do, and that feeds us while we're doing it. I'd love to see your bookmarks--why don't you email me or on FB?

Anonymous said...

Kris, today is another day! Sometime, the stuff we do, can either feeds us and get us down or frustrated. Yesterday, I was so happy, but today is a bit different. This morning, I found all the beads attached to the red ribbons on the floor. The beautiful ribbon is too soft and silky, so it wont't stay clamped to it. I felt a bit sad! But, I continued doing more with other colored ribbons. It must be the same feeling when you write and discover after a chapter that you have to make changes. I put them in my album photo under bookmarks. Please choose 2 or 3 and send me your address in a private message. Thanks Kris for sharing.