Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March Madness Blog Hop!

[Edited to add: Winners have been announced!  Congrats to Z and Shelly Hammond!]
March Madness is upon us.  Well, almost.

Close enough for women to know they're about to lose their husbands, boyfriends, brothers, uncles, nephews, and sometimes even male cats and dogs to the craze of college basketball finals.  Money, power, athletic competition, championships, and men in shorts: excitement all around, yes?

I admit, we're not big on basketball around here.   For some reason, it doesn't light the household fire.   We're more about baseball.  And hockey.   We also cheer for football (American) and soccer (also American, 'cause no one else calls it that but us). 

And while we're on the subject of sports for which we'd abandon our families, I'd appreciate more equestrian events--or actually, any equestrian events--but I'm not in charge of ESPN.   Weirdly.

Superhero Scramble LLC

 <-- Also, I would like more of this man.

Anyhow...when I lose the male members of my household to a sport, it's usually baseball and hockey.  Which have extremely long seasons.  Extremely.  Long.

Did I mention they're long seasons?

Fortunately, we have one TV, it sits in our family room-which-segues-into-our-kitchen, so we're pretty much all together for all of it anyhow.  I sit on the couch, they sit on the couch, friends sit on the couch.  We all occasionally leap to our feet (on the ground or sometimes onto the table or kitchen counter, depending).  

The only difference is, I have a book in my hand.  All the time.   I'm either reading someone else's or writing my own, hammering away at a manuscript while they're cheering away.  And we're all together.

(Another very small, probably indetectable difference, is that I might complain about sports rules and the possibility of head injury more often that they do.  Possibly.  Or not.  It's hard to say.)

Oh, and some of them experience occasional bouts of fears that I'm writing them into a book as I sit there typing.

Who, me?  "What?" I respond affectionately. "I write medievals  And believe me, you're no knight."

Although...I am branching out into contemporaries.  And with that, I make no promises.

So, what's it like for you?? 

Do you lose anyone in your family to special interests, hobbies, loves or obsessions?  Or maybe you and your partner share an obsession that takes you away from the rest of the world, together?

Two commentors get their pick of a signed print copy of any of these books from my backlist: THE IRISH WARRIOR, DEFIANT, or DECEPTION!  
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Lola Thomas said...

My Dad and I enjoyed watching the Yankee's on TV together, but since he as passed, my Mom prefers not to watch any sports including basketball; I love to read so this isn't a problem. LOL!
Thank you for the contest!
bluebirdsub24 at gmail dot com

azteclady said...

My brothers used to follow American football and soccer, and to this day, if my brother is visiting over Thanksgiving, he'll do his best to watch the game (which is hard to do in a home where there's no cable or tv)

Thank you for participating in the #MarchMadnessHop

Lola Thomas said...

Please forgive me for commenting again, but I forgot to include the logo
Thank you

bluebirdsub24 at gmail dot com

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

I live in a Big Ten community and am married to a former football coach... so yes... sports are a real consideration.. but I also usually have a book in my hand.

girlygirlhoosier52 said...

Oops.. sorry yes..#MarchMadnessHop

http://kriskennedy.net said...

Hi girls!

So good to hear from you, and no worries on not including the hashtag. :)

GirlygirlHoosier~ Yes, your name made me suspect your family might have some interest in sports. ;) So, girls like us, we sit on the couch and cheer and read. A perfect mix.

H.C.Harju said...

My hubby used to disappear four weekends out of the year to go L.A.R.P.ing.
Later I went to one and it was actually alot of fun. When my kiddos get older, I'll probably return to the LARPing scene.

bn100 said...

We have our own interests.

Subscribed to newsletter


veRONIca said...


March Madness isn't really a thing in our house. But when soccer championships come around--that is when the men go insane


Aly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aly said...

We don't have this in my country :)
twitter: megeara_erinyes
FB: Alina Popescu
email: alinutza4u2004[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk
Thank you!

Elf2060 said...

The hubby likes sports but I semi-cured him of the 'can't hear you or realize you exist because the game is on' many moons ago. He gets distracted sometimes but has learned to use the pause or record button if he wants peace in the household, lol.

Thank you for the giveaway. I signed up for the newsletter but I don't FB or Tweet

elewkf1 at yahoo dot com

Elf2060 said...

Apologies if this appears twice...I don't know where my comments went. It didn't say it was waiting for moderation so just in case...

I have signed up for the newsletter but do not FB or Tweet.

Thank you for the giveaway.

elewkf1 at yahoo dot com

http://kriskennedy.net said...

Elf~ No problem on the double post! Blogger can be weird sometimes. :)

I'm reading all your replies, ladies!

Shelly Hammond said...

This #MarchMadnessHop is so much fun! Finding new authors, books, and blogs (like this one) is great!

Hmm, we aren't really into sports here but my husband is from Scotland so when he first came here a few years back he got me into soccerfootball (umm we call it both to save the argument!). Not many games come on but when they do we used to watch them together. Well, now he's taken to writing a lot so he has developed an addiction to the computer. However, when he's not writing his books he is yapping on facebook or twitter, and now Goodreads! So he's addicted to the computer right now :P I guess I can't say too much as here I am on the laptop right now while he is at work but I now have to watch soccerfootball by myself!
Thank you for the chance to enter the giveaway. I LOVE medieval books so I made a note of the books here so I don't forget them and can look them up! They look and sound great (I did get a sneak peek at the excerpts and am heading back to look more at them when I am done here :D)
I signed up for:
The book release newsletter, liked the FB page (Shelly Hammond), and followed twitter (@ShellyHammond14)

http://kriskennedy.net said...


So glad to meet another medieval lover. It's such a niche market,and they can be hard to find, so I hope you love them! :)

Z said...

Facebook and follow and newsletter.
I do love love love medievals. Since WVU isn't in the tourney we don't really watch it a lot this year.
Seawitch reviews at yahoo dot com

Tina B said...

Well at least you all are together during the sports obsessions. Lol.
My hubby watches #MarchMadness and he is also a big NFL fan. I like football, but the squeaking of the sneakers on the basketball court drive me crazy.
Have you heard of Turkish Oil Wrestling? I have a friend from Turkey and she told me how big it is and how sexy they are. ;)
Thank you for the chance to read one of your stories, Kris.

GFC~Tina B
FB~Tina Becker
I tweeted it and shared it on FB.
I already subscribe to your newsletter.

http://kriskennedy.net said...

LOL, no I haven't heard about Turkish oil wrestling. Wonder if they have their own march madness... :) I can't stand the squeak of sneakers on the court either!

Tina B said...

Kris, if you go on youtube, you can see videos. Here is a link to one. ;)


http://kriskennedy.net said...

Okay, ladies, I've got winners!

Congrats to Z (Seawitch) and Shelly Hammond! Your choice of a signed print copy of either THE IRISH WARRIOR, DEFIANT or DECEPTION.

I'll be contacting you via the info you left in the comment thread. If I don't hear back within a week, I may offer the prize to someone else.

Thanks so much to everyone for coming by & being interested in the books!

To learn about upcoming book releases, sign up for the newsletter: http://kriskennedy.net/subscribe-to-newsletter

Grand prize winners here! http://snsreview.blogspot.com/p/march-madness.html

http://kriskennedy.net said...


LOL--thanks for the link! I'm going to check it out as soon as the boys leave the house to play some baseball.