Monday, January 4, 2016

All The Firsts....First Kisses for the First of the Year

Happy New Year to all my readers and the hardy souls who continue read this horribly-intermittent blog.  I know you're out there, and appreciate your hopeful spirit.  It's about to pay off. :)

It's the first of the year and to celebrate, I'm going to share with you the first kisses from all four stories in my first, upcoming anthology CAPTURED BY A CELTIC WARRIOR.

The discerning reader may detect a theme in that title. She would be correct.  Several themes, in fact. All the heroes are alphas (although not all are what you'd call 'bad boys.' Some are very nice alphas.)

All are Celtic--three Scots and one Irishman, but oh, what an Irishman... (Guess who wrote the Irishman?? :))

And all these dangerous men do something pretty bad for (one hopes) pretty good reasons: they abduct the heroine.

Sometimes it's for her sake.  Sometimes it's for theirs.  Sometimes, gets complicated.

And did I mention there’s a legendary dagger that runs through all the stories?

Every day this week through Thursday, I'll be posting excerpts from the first kiss scenes in each story, to help launch your new year with alpha heroes and sexytimes.

Here, today, is the first kiss from my story in the anthology:



….Voices broke out from the other end of the quay.  They turned.  The reeve’s assistant and a few other men were coming up the quay, one looking even more officious than he. Following were several armed men.

“Mother Mary,” she whispered.  “What more can go awry?”

Tadhg shared the query.

There was nothing for it; he made his decision in a heartbeat.  

Sliding his hands up her arms, he spun her and almost flung her up against the side of the nearest building, then reached up and tore off her headdress.

“Good Heaven's,” she cried, her hands flying up to capture the silky veil, but he already had it off and was tugging off her distinctive cloak next.

“Mon Dieu,” she gasped, grappling for the cloak, but he fisted it and the silky veil together in his hand, down by his hip.  He stretched out an arm and planted his palm on the wall, blocking her face from the visitors now hurrying down the quay.

“Kiss me,” he ordered.

Her shocked face stared up at him.  “I b-beg your pardon?”

“Kiss me, then run.”


“If you kiss me, you’re a whore.  If you stand there staring, you’re a merchant with a pouch of stolen seals in her hand.”

A second’s pause, then she pushed up on her toes and pressed her lips to his.

Dizziness and heat swooped in like hunting birds for Magdalena, dispelling sense and reason and anything else that might have been of use to her at the moment.  She had barely touched her lips to his when he descended without mercy, his mouth hard and slanting.  There was no prelude, no warning, no kindness or care, no quarter given.  She was a whore and he was having her.

He played the ruse exceptionally well.

He plowed her open with teeth and tongue, explored the depths of her wet mouth with sinful abandon.  She could do nothing but cling to him, her hands around his neck, her head forced back, her spine cupped, her body…thrilling.

Madness. Madness, all.

The hand not holding her cloak and wimple closed around her hip and began to tug up her skirts.  She made a feeble attempt to stop him, but his grip grew fierce, and he yanked the gown up, dragged it up the side of her leg until she felt cool air on her shin and calf.

Her head spun as if she’d been twirled like a top.  Picked up by a bird and sent flying.

Her knees grew weak, but she did not break that kiss.  She could not.  He’d become a field of energy, the way metal filings pulled toward iron, or one drop of water clings to another.  She was affixed to his kiss, to his chest, which she’d somehow pressed up against, to his shoulders, which she’d somehow wrapped her arms around, to his tongue, which was tangled with hers, his hot male breath, his cunning male hand, his hard knee now making all manner of incursions between her thighs, and she, she, reveling in it. 

Uh-oh, right??? Or wait….yay!!!

You can pre-order right now at the special price of 99 cents; it releases on Feb 16th to much hoopla. 

Hoopla...Celtic heroes…scorching sexytimes…what are you waiting for???

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