Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day Two...First Kisses For the First of the Year

Day Two of our launch into the new year with Celtic heroes and sexytimes!

All week long, I'm sharing excerpts from the first kiss scenes in CAPTURED BY A CELTIC WARRIOR, the upcoming anthology with Eliza Knight, Vonda Sinclair, Jennifer Haymore, and me!


All are alpha heroes (three Scotsmen and an Irishman), all are on a mission, and all do something pretty bad for (hopefully) good reasons: they abduct the heroine. 

That can’t be good…. Except it is, very good! 

Did I mention there’s a legendary dagger that runs through all the stories? 

Here, today, is the first kiss from Eliza Knight’s story:


…“Ye have my word, that is enough,” the brute warrior said.

Frustration streaked an angry red path through Rose’s veins. “Your word means nothing.” She stood, hands fisted at her sides.

Montgomery, too, stood, anger slicing over his features. “My word means everything.”

She didn’t back down. Even with the warrior standing nearly a foot taller than her, easily twice as broad, she wasn’t going to show her fear. “It means nothing to me.”

He grimaced, his teeth flashing in the moonlight. “Then ye’re a fool.”

“I am no more a fool than the man who abducts a woman and thinks she should trust him,” she retorted.

He cocked his head, eyes narrowing as he studied her. “Ye have a point.”

That startled her. He agreed? She faltered, words getting caught in her throat. Not the reaction she was expecting. At all. “I want to see my son. Now.”

He swiped a frustrated hand over his face. “I cannot comply with your wish.”

“Where is he? How far is he? Take me to him.”

Montgomery shook his head. “’Tis impossible. For safety, we must keep the two of ye separate until we reach Kildrummy.”

“Safety from whom?” Her voice was growing in octaves. She’d be raving mad in a moment; she could feel the anger burning through her chest.

“There is much ye dinna understand. And I dinna expect ye to understand everything, being a woman.”

What? Her mouth fell agape. Thoroughly insulted, even if she hadn’t anticipated anything less from the man.

Nevertheless, that was the last straw. Rose’s patience had a limit and her temper broke free from its bonds. She flew forward, hands balled and raised. She wailed at him, but he caught each of her fisted palms, wrapping his arms around her, pinning her elbows to her ribs, and when she tried to kick him, he pinned her legs between his thick, muscled thighs.

“Stop this!” he hissed.

Rose shook and heaved, glaring up at him. She spewed venom; called him names she’d heard her men shout while practicing in the fields. One of which, she knew was particularly vulgar. And then, suddenly, his lips were crushed against hers. Silencing her with warm, firm, velvet. She was not prepared for the strength of her own body’s reaction. The shivers that raced over her flesh. The pounding of her heart. The tightening of her wayward nipples. The trembling of her hands and the shaking of her knees. The intensity in which she pressed her lips back.

Montgomery’s hands slid to her shoulders, her arms no longer pinned. He cupped her cheeks, dipped his head to the side and kissed her deeper.

What was happening? Why was he kissing her?

Frissons of unexpected pleasure fired along her nerves. Her entire body trembled with both fear and excitement.

Why did she like his kiss? This was wrong. Incredibly so.

He was her captor. Had stolen her, and her son, away from the safety of their castle, and she was letting him kiss her?

Nay. She could not.

Rose jerked back and slapped him hard on the cheek, her teeth bared. “Dinna do that ever again, ye jackanapes.”

Montgomery touched the place she’d struck him and cleared his throat. “’Twas the only way to get ye to shut up.”

With that, the blasted warrior lifted her up and tossed her over his shoulder.

Uh-oh, right??? Or rather….yay!!!

You can pre-order right now at the special price of 99 cents; it releases Feb 16th

Celtic heroes…scorching sexytimes…what are you waiting for??

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