Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day Three...First Kisses for the First of the Year

It's day three of our launch into the new year with Celtic heroes and scorching sexytimes.

All week long, to celebrate the first of the year, I'm sharing the first kiss scenes from all the stories in the upcoming anthology CAPTURED BY A CELTIC WARRIOR.

All these heroes (three Scotsman and an Irishman) do something pretty bad for (generally) pretty good reasons: they abduct the heroine.  

That can’t be good…. Except it is, very good! 

Did I mention there’s a legendary dagger that runs through all the stories? 

Here, today, is the intro to the first kiss from Vonda Sinclair’s story:



Dugald has discovered he kidnapped the wrong woman. Now what is he going to do?

….He met his lady captive in the corridor. Even the dimness of the cloudy morn could not diminish the brilliance of her bonny blue eyes. Her hair had been braided and styled perfectly, but this only made him want to take the pins out, run his fingers through the silken strands, and dishevel her once again. And the rose colored dress she wore—no doubt one of Mairiana's cast-offs—fitted to Camille's lush curves perfectly.

"Did you sleep well last night?" he asked, wondering what he should call her—Camille, m'lady, madame, mademoiselle, lass?

"Oui. Are you going to take me home today?"

"Nay. Not today."

"Why not?" Temper flared in her eyes like a blue flame… lighting the fuse of his arousal. "You know Lindsay will not bring your dagger. He doesn't even know me," she said. "I am of no use to you."

Dugald did not ken that at all. She might be very useful to him, but in a far different way. She was stunningly beautiful. And although the strawberry juice no longer stained her lovely lips, he still craved a taste of them. Need curled through him, tantalizing him to act on these maddening urges which had near claimed his sanity the day before. She had told him countless times that she was unmarried.

"Who is your husband?" he asked, just to be certain, before he did something he might regret.

"I told you! I am not married!" She ground the words out in a strong French accent, intensifying his craving.

He believed her. And thank the saints she was telling the truth, for he did not think he could resist her much longer.

"Why are you looking at me like this, monsieur?"

"Like what?"

She returned his stare, her eyes growing darker. She was bold, and he liked that.

"I think you know," she murmured.

Her words tugged at him, dared him to do exactly what he wanted.

With a swift movement, he slipped one hand around her neck, drew her to him, and captured her lips with his own. Damnation, but she still tasted of strawberries. Had she eaten them for breakfast, too? So sweet and delicious that he wanted to consume her utterly.

Her small hands fisted in the plaid crossing his chest, drawing him closer. When she opened her mouth and allowed him inside, he grew so hard he felt lightheaded. He needed her. Now! Still kissing her, he lifted her off her feet, carried her into his chamber and kicked the door closed.

She gasped and pushed away from him. "What are you about, monsieur?"

He released her, enjoying her dazed expression. Aye, she looked near as stirred up as he was, her face flushed, her blue eyes darkened. "I think you know," he said, throwing her words back at her with a smile. 
You can pre-order right now at the special price of 99 cents; it releases Feb 16th.

Celtic heroes…scorching sexytimes…what are you waiting for??

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