Monday, May 16, 2016

Claiming Her-Paperback Coming!

I've heard from some readers asking about this, so thought I'd give a little update...I will absolutely be making CLAIMING HER available in paperback!

Since I'm publishing this myself, all ebook and print formatting & cover detail is on me.  It turns out I'm more inept slow on the uptake meticulous than I thought when it comes to print formatting.

It's a detailed job, with lots of cutting and pasting, followed by lots of, " large should the margin be? But wait...I thought I did that...okay, I'll change that and...what? Now what??"

i.e. It's pretty time-consuming.

I'll get better at it, but for now, I decided I'd better write more books than format.

I'll be hiring out the job of  paperback formatting soon, and by sometime this summer, you'll be able to get a paperback copy of CLAIMING HER in your hot little hands, should that be the sort of thing you like having in your hot hands.

Onward, and thanks to the readers who are writing and reviewing,to say how much they love this story in the RENEGADES AND OUTLAWS collection. More on the way!

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