Tuesday, May 24, 2016

OT-Awesome Romantic Suspense

This is a little OT, if you think about my blog as a place to find out about my historical romances. But if you think about it as a place to learn about awesome books, then we're rolling right along in-topic.

My friend & critique partner Rachel Grant writes stellar romantic suspense/thrillers: smart, sexy, full of big plots & big adventure with alpha heroes and capable heroines.
What's not to love??

Her short novel, WITHHOLDING EVIDENCE, is currently in a new boxed set featuring Navy SEAL heroes--Wet 'N Wild Navy SEALS.   

Here's an excerpt from the opening of WITHHOLDING EVIDENCE, the first meet between hero & heroine.

Trina Sorensen stiffened her spine and rang the town house doorbell. She couldn’t hear a chime, so
after a moment of hesitation, she followed up with a knock. Seconds ticked by without any sound of movement on the other side. She rang the bell again, and then repeated the knock for good measure. The front door was on the ground floor, next to the garage. Glancing upward, she checked out the windows of the two upper floors. No lights on, but at nine in the morning on a hot August day in Falls Church, that didn’t tell her anything. If the man she hoped to meet was home, he’d have to descend at least one flight of stairs, possibly two.
She was about to ring the bell again when the door whipped open, startling her. She stepped back, then remembered she needed to project poise and straightened to meet her target’s gaze.
Keith Hatcher was even more handsome in person than in his official navy photo, but she couldn’t let that fluster her. It just meant he’d been blessed with good genes, a rather superficial measure of a person, really.
She took a deep breath and held out her hand. “Mr. Hatcher, Trina Sorensen, historian with Naval History and Heritage Command. I’d like to ask you a few questions about Somalia.” She cringed as she said the last part. Too perky. Too eager. That was not how to approach a former navy SEAL when asking about a mission.
Sporting tousled dark hair that suggested he may have just gotten out of bed, and wearing low-rise jeans and nothing else, the man leaned an impressive bare bicep against the doorframe and raised a quizzical thick eyebrow. “Trina? Cute name.” He smiled. “It fits.” He reached out and touched the top of her head. “But I think you should go back to the day care center you escaped from and leave me alone.” He stepped back, and the door slammed shut.
She jolted back a step. He did not just pat her on the head and slam the door in her face.
Except that was exactly what Senior Chief Petty Officer Keith Hatcher had done.
She was aware she looked young, but dammit, she was thirty-one freaking years old—the same age as Hatcher. She squared her shoulders and rang the bell again. Seconds ticked by. Then minutes. She pounded with the side of her fist.
Finally the door opened. “Yes?” He leaned against the doorjamb again, this time stretching out an arm to touch the hinged side of the opening. His body language conveyed amusement mixed with annoyance.
“Senior Chief, I’m Dr. Trina Sorensen”—she never referred to herself with the pretentious title of doctor, but figured his crack about day care warranted it—“and I’m researching your SEAL team’s work in Somalia five years ago for Naval History and Heritage Command and the Pentagon. You must answer my questions.”
“Dollface, it’s Sunday morning. The only thing I must do today is jack off.”
She crossed her arms. “Fine. I can wait. It’ll be what, one, maybe two minutes?”
Go get this book! It's a standalone too, but you can get it for a limited time as part of the boxed set.
Amazon: http://amzn.to/1WME1eR
iBooks: apple.co/1T8X9jv
Nook: bit.ly/1T2uU67
Kobo: bit.ly/1T4RlL2
Google Play: bit.ly/1TspODz

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