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Sexy Excerpt- Claiming Her

Happy Monday!!

To celebrate it being Monday, I thought a sexy excerpt might be in order.  Or out of order, but in a good way.

If you're reading CLAIMING HER, I hope you're loving it!

If you're not…Aodh's waiting for you.  Because guess what happens?? This!!
(excerpt probably nsfw.  Okay, definitely not.)

(fyi, 'Aodh' is pronounced "Ay' and I put the faintest 'd' sound on the end, the way you'd say the beginning of "Aidan.")


Katarina has done something that, in retrospect, she perhaps should not have done.  In any event, Aodh is not pleased, because he fears her actions may have endangered his rebellion. He's about to, it out]

She backed up another step.

His eyes were dark with intent. He meant to do this, whether or not she wished it. Her breath staggered out in unsteady gasps.

“You don’t want me to have to come and get you, lass.”

Head bent, face flaming, she took an extremely small step his direction and peeked out from under lowered lashes. He’d sat down on the edge of the bed.

Bolts of cold fire lanced across her breasts. Her breath came faster and faster as she reached out and laid her hand in his.

He pulled her to stand before him.

Her breasts heaved. They felt full, trapped. He cupped one, his hand hot through the fabric, then he slid his palm down to her waist. His fingertips pinched her chemise.

“Pull it up.”

She pulled it as far as her knees, trembling.

“Come closer.”

She did, at once stunned and stupefied. Her body felt as if it would float right up out of the window. He took her fingers, kissed her knuckles. “Lie down.”

She started to lie on the bed, but he stopped her. He patted his thighs. “On me. On your belly, lass. Right here.”

Fire flared across her cheeks. “Oh, Aodh.”

He took her hand and made her bend her knees, drop to the floor, then tugged her forward to lay her body over his thighs.

Thundering heart, whirling head, blood firing in hot pulses. The room all but spun. Hard-muscled thighs pushed against her breasts. She stared ahead at the wall, the tiny decorations of swirling patterns, hearts and clubs. He rested one palm gently on her bottom. Through the thin linen shift, it was an imprint of heat. She made a tiny sound.

“Pull it up.”

Her body jolted. She reached down for the thin fabric and tugged the chemise the rest of the way up, baring herself to the hips. “Don’t hurt me,” she whispered.

“Och, I’m going to hurt you, lass.” He skidded his palm gently over the cool curve of her bottom. “But I think I’ll make you like it.”

He lifted his hand, and brought it down hard.

Her body jerked as if lightning had surged through it, a shocking, hard shudder of…pleasure. Her head flung up, her mouth rounded around a silent cry.

He bent by her ear. “Did you like that?”

Oh boy....

Yay for Irish warlord heroes with (mostly) good hearts and extremely bad carnal intentions!

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Hope you love!  It's a scorcher.

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